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Higher Minds Healing Herbs


Hi, I’m Jen! I fell in love with herbs several years ago after my uncle received a scary cancer diagnosis. He was only a few years older than my own father, and for some reason that threw me down the rabbit hole of researching all types of herbs and their benefits. I wanted to have the information to start using herbs as preventive medicine. So that if there ever was something that would come up in my own family, I would be armed with the information to help aid in their healing.

Skip forward a few years, and my own Father received some cancer news himself. We were grateful it was in the early stages, and also grateful he was open minded to change some things in his diet. It also allowed me to spring into action and it took me down the tincture route.  I started researching the best herbs for my Dad, and it turned into a huge herb and tincture collection.  I started just giving my remedies away, then a friend told me, “ You know you’re supposed to be selling this to everyone.” So here I am, creating my products with love and pure gratitude in my heart. 

I start with the freshest herbs that I forge, and for those that don’t grow nearby, I purchase from a local organic supplier. I structure my own distilled water, and only use 100% organic spirits to preserve my remedies. Each small batch is made with love and stored in glass, in a dark space surrounded by healing crystals. I truly enjoy creating each product and have loved hearing how they make my clients feel. 


I am not a herbalist, nor a medical doctor. Please do your own research before consuming any new remedy.