What is the process?

Is Emotion Code Right For You?

When we have emotions that were not processed and released appropriately, our bodies can suffer the consequences. Even an uneasy feeling about the past could present subtle issues in our everyday lives. Emotion Code uses muscle testing techniques that help identify and release these disturbances. The body is made up of energy, these trapped emotions are included in that energy. The more it builds up in the body, the more we may see disturbances in various aspects of our body and life, blocking us from experiencing true joy, love, abundance and everything in between. If you feel that you might be blocked from experiencing life’s joys, Emotion Code may help you release these energy blockages and help restore balance in the body

The Body Code

What is the difference between Emotion Code and Body Code? The Body Code includes Emotion Code, Emotion Code represents about 80% of the body’s imbalances, the other 20% of imbalances is what the Body Code picks up on. Using Body Code on all clients is necessary when wanting to cover the complete spectrum of releasing all types of imbalances.

Muscle Testing:

Muscle testing taps into the subconscious, or “Higher Self”, to help answer questions about the physical, mental and emotional well-being of the person. This testing is completely noninvasive yet it can assist in determining the underlying causes of ailments and afflictions that may be causing suffering whether it be from trapped emotions or nutritional imbalances. Because our bodies live and function on principles of bio-magnetic energy, we are able to pin point the negative energies with muscle testing where our minds are otherwise oblivious.

Muscle Testing By Proxy

Muscle testing is done by proxy. By definition, “proxy” means to stand for or represent someone. Muscle testing by proxy is used when the recipient themselves, is on the call but do not have to be in person with practitioner.

About Dr. Bradley Nelson

Since 1998, Dr. Brad has been sharing life-changing energy healing knowledge that he obtained through many years of experience as a holistic chiropractic physician, craniopath and pioneer in the field of bio-energetic medicine. He is a teacher, author, creator of Body Code, and speaker who shares his message with audiences worldwide. He and his team have trained thousands of practitioners all over the world. He does not take credit for creating Emotion and Body Code rather he says it’s Gods gift from above.

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